cdp23: Thing 1 – Learning Objectives

I am intrigued by the combination of web 2.0 tools and professional development. I have been passively taking part in the web 2.0 blogosphere for a few years, reading quite a few librarians’ and libraries’ blogs to keep up-to-date in the German and international library world. However, actively writing a blog seems to be something completely different. So far, I have been contributing posts to the blog of the Bremen Librarians’ Regulars’ Table (BreBiStaT Blog). I am looking forward to

  • getting to know new tools and blogs, to systematically evaluate these tools and reflect on their use for my professional development;
  • becoming more fluently in writing blog posts;
  • receiving inspirations and impulses for revisiting, trying out and perhaps using some of the web 2.0 tools disregarded the first time;
  • getting hands-on experience to pass an to students and staff.

Photo taken at: Zenssee (Lychen, Brandenburg), May 2011.


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