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Looking around the cpd23 blogosphere, I came across appealing titles, marvellous designs and creative posts. Many of the posts talked about the selection process. I have to say, I started with the list, selected a few names that sounded interesting, followed comments (and experiencing the snowball effect) and ended with browsing consciously the delicious list by sector and country. I was intrigued by the first impressions, my interest to learn more about the persons behind the blogs (which, in turn, made me think about adding an about me-page to my blog) and the clever word-plays. The following weblogs left a lasting impression:

  • Behind the Bookshelves: Created by Cara Clarke, a chartered librarian from the West Midlands, appeals to me with its informal and reflective writing. The design feels very bright and positive.
  • Library Wanderer: Helen Murphy, working as Deputy Librarian for Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and supercharging CPD23, chose a list of blogs based on the TV series Neighbours. Love the connection!
  • Dreaming in the stacks: Written by a soon-to-be librarian, currently writing a dissertation for an MA in Library and Information Studies, the blog posts mirror my reflective thoughts on writing. I completely relate being more a passive reader than an active contributor – I could not have said it better.
  • Information Overload: What is the library professions about? To cope with and prevent an information overload. Liked the title and the thouroughly annotated blog list.
  • Learning to be social: Another clever-chosen title. Hannah Young, the Information Librarian for Law and Human Sciences at Southampton Solent University, writes about her first experiences in the web 2.0 world and being drawn into its active part.

By the way: A list of German librarian’s and library’s weblogs is available at LISWiki.

Photo taken at: Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World) – Oriental garden, Berlin, June 2011.


6 thoughts on “cdp23: Thing 2 – CPD23 Blogosphere

  1. I quite like that you’re including photos in each of your posts. It makes your blog very inviting. I was also pleased to read in your last post that you’re retrying some Web 2.0 things. It’s so easy to just disregard things that are strange, when they can actually be quite valuable tools.

    And thank you for posting a link to German library blogs! My German is not great at the moment, but I’m always looking for ways to keep it sharp.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I first saw the photo-in-each-post-idea in Sheila Webber’s information literacy weblog and quite liked it, too.

  3. Hi there – thanks for mentioning my blog in your round-up, and for leaving a comment. I hope my very eclectic collection of links and quotes proves useful!

    One of the nice things about this project so far has been reading about librarians and information professionals from around Europe – I think I had found Dutch and Italian participants so far. So it’s great to add you to the list and read about your experiences.

    Good luck with the programme.

  4. Hallo und viele Gruesse in meine alte Heimat Bremen!
    I really like the idea with the picture at the end of each post as well as the actual pictures you have selected so far. I’ll definitely come back to check out your posts and get an idea of developments in the profession in Germany. I have been in the UK for years and qualified here as a librarian. But my first library job was as a student assitant at the Teilbibliothek fuer Technik und Sozialwesen at Hochschule Bremen.
    See you around!

    • Greetings back to London and thanks for your comment! This course is a great way to get to know people from all over the world/UK. If you are interested, let me know when you are visiting Bremen or Berlin and we can meet up.

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