cpd23: Thing 3 – My Personal Brand (1)

It is going to be the first time, I will consciously reflect on my personal (online) brand. I must admit, I google my name from time to time just for fun, but I have never done it systematically before.

Before considering my online brand, I wanted to get to know more about personal branding. I was surprised to see the topic on the ALA webpage (Personal Branding for New Librarians by Andromeda Yelton), pointing out the importance of networking, reputation and responsitibility for branding. I liked the author’s allegory of an “evolving relationship you have with the world”.

While browsing through Google search results on “personal branding”, I came across three interesting posts:

  • Personal Branding – Social Media für die Karriere nutzen (Karsten Füllhaas, 2011) emphasizes that you should actively shape and influence your online personal brand. It recommends to start with a name search in 123people.de or yasni.de, carrying on with systematically monitoring your name/brand with free online services, i.e. myON-ID or Oxendo.
  • 10 Personal Branding Tipps für Ihren Erfolg (Klaus Eck, 2009) states that anonymity is “out”. The author provides advice to think about: time resources (you need a lot of time), enthusiasm (convince others with passion in your profession), self-confidence (what are you standing for?), personality (what makes you unique?), respect (look out for your strength), sustainability (use all media consistently), name/pseudonyms (you need to be recognized in the professional world), expert status (talk about your research interests), opinions (express your opinions), perspectives (what do you want to achieve?).
  • The brand called you (Tom Peters, 1997): “It’s this simple: You are a brand. You are in charge of your brand. There is no single path to success. And there is no one right way to create the brand called You. Except this: Start today. Or else.”

My personal brand so far:

  • I am on Facebook, XING, StudiVZ, Stayfriends – all with Google search disabled. I am using all services mainly privately.
  • My name pops up in connection with online documents (diploma thesis, dissertation, conference papers) and the Bremen Librarians’ Regulars’ Table (BreBiStaT).

I am mainly struggling with the following issue: Where lies the fine balance between giving away enough information for professional purposes and protecting my privacy?

Photo taken at Gärten der Welt, Berlin, Germany, June 2011.


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