cpd23: Thing 3 – My Personal Brand (2)

After reading up on personal branding, I have been pondering all week about developing my personal brand. These are my results:

  • Name used – I liked the idea of a meaningful name, but didn’t come up with a great fantasy name. The current name “sabine’s 23things” may even be abstract enough for future use.
  • Photograph – I don’t have any professional up-to-date portrait photo.
    ToDo: I need to go to a professional photographer first (which is on my list of summer activities).
  • Professional/personal identity – I like to keep my professional and private identities separate. I will limit the personal touch on using photos from trips or tours.
  • Visual brand – I like a fresh, bright and slim design – nothing to fancy or overloeaded. I would like to use a recognisable image, but haven’t come across one yet.
    ToDo: Keep looking out for pictures, colours and layouts.
  • Online visibility – I am quite present on the results list of Google, Bing and Yahoo, 123people.de and yasni.de. Although documents and publications turn up, no social network entries are shown.
    ToDo: Allowing Google search for this weblog. I am thinking of opening up my XING profile for Google and creating a publication list (either on XING or in this weblog) in the weeks to come.
  • Setting up alerts – I set up alerts on Google and Twitter.
    ToDo: Check out MyOn-ID or MyWebCareer.com.

This week made me realize, that I am visible online with my professional identity in different bits and pieces and that it is to me to create an integrative and homogeneous picture/brand. That is also why I will keep my personal brand in mind for all the Things still to come.

Photo taken in Grolland, Bremen, Germany, May 2011.


3 thoughts on “cpd23: Thing 3 – My Personal Brand (2)

  1. Hey Sabine,
    have you seen the word clouds set up by 123people through evaluating search hits? It seems to me that it comes near the key aspects of our professional lifes.
    Before going through the search engine results one could take this one.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I didn’t see it – apparently, it didn’t load, or I just overlooked it. I added the tag cloud picture above – it describes my professional life quite good, but interestingly, the word “Informationskompetenz” is not included…

  3. Maybe it raises with the Blog entry of today by T. Hapke 🙂 I would think publishing in journals or blogs would help. Good luck.

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