cpd23: Thing 4 – Current Awareness with Twitter

I am behind schedule, spending the last week in the beautiful Harz mountains w/o Internet access. Here are my experiences with Twitter, RSS and PushNote (Thing 4), part 1.

I have already set up a Twitter account a few weeks ago in the wake of an in-house presentation of the library’s twitter account (elibbremen). But I have to admit, I just added a few tweets – and that was it. Today, I changed the name and the appearance of my twitter account (in tune with the branding of my blog – I am still searching for the semi-transparent white sidebar, though).

I added a few tweets by searching terms (bibliothek, information literacy) and looking up tweets listed under “following”. I am now following 27 tweets. I can see the advantage of using Twitter for following conferences off-site, i.e. #bibtag11 or #lilac12. But I am also a little bit concerned about the mass of information coming in and the percentage of “noise”. Let’s see if I will learn to cherish the added value of twitter (compared to weblogs).

I am still wondering:

  • Is there going to be a differences in posted information between the tweets and the weblog of the same institution/individual?
  • How far back have the tweets been archived?

Further readings:

Photo: Monastry at Druebeck, Harz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, July 2011.


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