cpd23: Thing 4 – Current Awareness with PushNote

PushNote was completely new to me. I took a look at the site, signed up but still does not find it appealing at the moment. I encountered two constricting features:

  • To find people, you need to know the name or e-mail adress. I missed a search for terms in people’s profiles, comments and URLs.
  • By needing to install the add-on in your browser, you are bound to your computer. You can’t access it from every work station, you always need to be online and logged in.

I checked on some fellow cdp23 participants and agree with Kristi (The Plugged-In Librarian): At this stage of the process, I prefer to use Delicious and don’t see the advantage of PushNote for me.

Additional readings

Photo: Large copper, taken at Harz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, July 2011.


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