cpd23: Thing 4 – Current Awareness with RSS

I have been using feedreaders for a while, switching from Bloglines (service discontinued) to Netvibes a few months ago. As Thing 4 calls for setting up a feedreader, I had a closer look at the settings and options in Netvibes.

  1. I went through my RSS subscriptions, checked them for continued availability, deleted a bunch.
  2. I added
    – a few tabs collecting everything for this course under “CPD23”,
    – a few suggested blogs from Thing 4 and
    – the bundle of all the CPD23 blogs.
  3. I added the wigdets for the Bremen weather and Twitter, put the latter in the Livebar (so far, I didn’t know it exists).

I like Netvibes for following RSS feeds – it is concise, clearly presented and everything is in one place.

Additional readings

Photo taken at Ilsenburg, Harz, Sachsen-Anhalt, July 2011.


2 thoughts on “cpd23: Thing 4 – Current Awareness with RSS

  1. I am hopelessly behind with my own Things. Thank you for posting the additional links a the end of your posts. I’ll definitely have a look at those (especially the ones in German!). I used Bloglines a bit just before it was discontinued but didn’t really master the best use of RSS at the time. I look forward to have another go at it and will post how I get on.
    Again I like the photo. I have some family connection to Ilsenburg and was meant to go to the Harz mountains myself two weeks ago. I had to change plans at the last minute but hopefully will go there another time.
    Viele Gruesse!

    • Drübeck/Ilsenburg was beautiful – lots of nature, only a few people, very quiet.
      Bloglines still exists but is looking more like Netvibes now. Thing 4 is also far more labourously than I thought, but it gave reason to work on the improvement of the design and checking the up-to-dateness.
      Viele Grüße aus dem Norden!

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