cpd23: Thing 4 – Current Awareness Overload?

Reflecting all Thing 4 activities, I still find RSS feeds most useful at the moment, although twitter posts are beginning to catch up since I have been able to integrate them in my feedreader and keep everything together. I am still trying to find the best tweets and weblogs to get the right balance of information.

I am subscribing to quite a few weblogs to keep up-to-date with

  • libraries in Germany and English-speaking countries,
  • statements of library associations,
  • developments regarding information literacy, teaching and learning IL,
  • personal interests (postcasts, photoblogs etc.).

I realized that it is important to re-evaluate my selection on a regular bases as blogs are discontinued or re-focused. For most blogs, I just read the post headlines, but now and then I come across very interesting news and information. Blogs I find particularly useful:

In the next few weeks, I will have an eye on the output and usefulness of information received through the tweets and new RSS feeds. I am also curious to see how people are handling their weblog posts and tweets, which information appears at which place.

Photo: Vapourer Mouth, Harz, July 2011. (c) Sabine Rauchmann


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