cpd23: Thing 5 – Reflective Practice

Thing 5 calls for reflection:

“It provides an opportunity to review the experiences we have, learning from them and applying what we have learnt.”

I should definitely reserve more time for reflection more often.

1. Recall it – what did I do?

  • Revived and changed my blog I set up a year ago but never used (traveling and enjoying the landscape was far more exciting than sitting in Internet cafes).
  • Put some thought and action into the design and my brand.
  • Update my twitter account, adding a few more tweets to follow and posting the first tweets myself.
  • Re-organising and updating my feedreader (Netvibes), having a look at new weblogs.

2. Evaluate it – what did I learn and enjoyed? What worked well? What (potential) impact could this have in your workplace?

  • A nice, fresh and friendly online image/design is as important as your appearance in real life. I enjoyed looking for the colours and pictures that create the desired look and feeling.
  • It is important to review my weblogs (and in future, also the tweets I am following) – to disregard some, add others – and to keep them organised. It’s no worth marking everything for later reading.
  • Twitter may be interesting when searching information on an up-to-date topic. I find it definitely more valuable than I thought at first sight. I have integrated my twitter account into my feedreader (keeping everything in one place) and into my Facebook account (via twitterfeed).
  • I learned about Pushnote, but I am still not convinced to use it.
  • It is very easy to loose myself and forget about time when browsing other cpd23 weblogs or changing settings – it can definitely be addictive.

3. Apply it – what can I practically apply from the experience I have had?

  • My design/brand – will apply it to everything else (i.e. ppt-presentations) and keep working on it.
  • My weblog – have been broadening the content spectrum of entries of the Bremen librarians’ round table weblog a little bit. Still looking for a niche within the broad range of information literacy developments and activities.
  • My twitter account – will use it for short notes.

More ressources on reflection

Photo: Rappbodetalsperre, Harz, Germany, July 2011.


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