cpd23: Thing 7 – Face2Face Networks and PD

Thing 7 is continuing Thing 6 – taking networking from the online to the real world.

German library associations and formal publications
I am a member of the German librarians’ association BIB (Berufsverband Information Bibliothek e.V.). I am reading BIB’s journal BuB – Buch und Bibliothek, staying up-to-date on issues and current topics as well as following the news and publications of its committees and working groups. Although I receive the newsletter and subscribe to the mailing-list of the BIB regional group for Lower Saxony and Bremen, I am not actively contributing to any of the association’s groups.
In addition to BuB, I am reading the Bibliotheksdienst, journal of the Bibliothek & Information Deutschland (BID) (the German association for all library and information associations) and the VDB-Mitteilungen, journal of the Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare.
Others: Ver.di
The German union Ver.di may be another network for professional purposes. In June, they published the devastating results of a survey about working conditions in German libraries (Gute Arbeit: humble opportunities of advancement, low salaries). I am also disappointed by the quiet – and very late public – communication of the terrible results of the last negotiations on pay scale grouping for librarians (no opportunities of advancement for bachelor graduates, lower salaries).

German library associations and training and development & structured professional development and qualifications
I attend the Deutscher Bibliothekartag (celebrating its 100th anniversary this year) on a regular basis catching up with former colleagues, acquaintances from internships and fellow students from Potsdam and Berlin.
I also have a look at training seminars and other events organised by BIB and other library associations. However, most of the training opportunities are available with library schools as well as local training networks (ZBIW Köln, Weiterbildungszentrum FU Berlin, bibfin, bib-fib).

International organisations
As I am very interested in information literacy, I keep up-to-date by checking out publications of CILIPs Information Literacy Group, ACRL’s Information Literacy working groups as well as IFLA’s Information Literacy Section. I have been involved in the German translation of the IFLA Express in 2003. In the last month, I contributed to the German translation of the Information literacy logo marketing manual.

Informal organisations
I am one of the organizers of a librarians’ regular table in Bremen BreBiStaT. We meet once a month, chatting and visiting various libraries. I want to check out the Library Society of the World.

German library associations are offering some support and information. I hold a BIB membership that gives me the most benefit at the moment. I read quite a lot of publications, however I am not involved in face-to-face networks beyond my colleagues and former fellow students. Expanding this network is something I need to work on and I hope it will get easier over the years.

Photo: Kleiner Fuchs/Small tortoiseshell, Harz, Germany, July 2011.


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