cpd23: Thing 9 – Evernote

Evernote, introduced in Thing 9, is completely new to me. Reading through the descriptions, I was reminded a little bit of

  • Delicious – saving bookmarks mainly for work;
  • reference management software (Bibliographix or Citavi) – saving references and screen-shots/pdf-print-outs of webpages as well as ideas.
  • WebCite – archiving webpages online and providing a stable URL

At first sight, Evernote looks nice. I like the option of accessing my account from every computer at work or at home. I am also intrigued by the Web Clipper, saving the image/website online.

I am starting to use Evernote as a tool for taking reflective notes, for archiving webpages on the latest professional development opportunities, reports and news in the information literacy area. It may also become my new to-do-list… Looks as if there is a lot out there that does the same thing – I just have to find out what works best for me.

Photo: Miere / Stitchwort, Harz, Germany, July 2011.


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