cpd23: Thing 12 – Role of social media

For Thing 12, we are asked to consider the role of social media in building up networks and a sense of community.

  • Are there any other advantages to social networking in the context of professional development than those already outlined in the post?
    You get to know new colleagues, their opinions and attitudes as well as very useful resources.
  • Can you think of any disadvantages?
    If you wish, you may limit your participation to a passively engagement in the online communities. Shyness of the real world translates to the online world as well. You have to consciously decide what you want to make public and what needs to stay private. Gossip just can’t be shared online.
  • Has CPD23 helped you to make contact with others that you would not have had contact with normally? Yes.
  • Did you already use social media for your career development before starting CPD23? Will you keep using it after the programme has finished?
    Partly (writing posts in the BreBiStaT weblog), but not in a structured way. I will keep using it after the programme has finished.
  • In your opinion does social networking really help to foster a sense of community?
    Yes, but at a certain stage it also needs to be taken into the real world. I have added a few more weblogs and tweets that I will follow for a while.

Photo: Butterfly in Brecon Beacon NP, Wales, July 2011.


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