cpd23: Thing 15 – Seminars, conferences, events

For Thing 15 we are asked to think about our experiences attending, speaking and/or organising professional events.

What worked and what didn’t work?
I regularly attend the Deutscher Bibliothekartag. I always check the conference program carefully in advance, select interesting sessions – and end up going to two thirds and changing my mind in the spur of the moment for the rest, either because another session sounded more interesting or I met interesting people. I should also take more time to follow up and check out new tools when back at work.
I spoke twice on conferences so far – it has been a very intense experience each time.
I organised 1 seminar about searching the internet and web 2.0 tools a few years back.

What advice would you give to others, based on your experiences?
Go to conferences. You see something new, get new ideas and meet interesting people.
And a great advice I found at Enrico Francese’s post to this topic: “Showing your work around is essential.” Don’t give up when your paper isn’t accepted at the first time. Find out how you can improve your proposal.

Are there conferences you’d like to attend?
Inetbib, Die lernende Bibliothek (2013), LILAC, an IFLA preconference (Information Literacy section).

Are there topics you think you could talk about?
Probably, need to think – maybe something for the next Bibliothekartag 2012 in Hamburg?

Is there a training/networking/sharing need in your area/sector that you could help to meet by organising something?
A colleague of mine and me, we are organising the Bremen librarian’s regulars’ table BreBiStaT.
I liked the ideas of Librarian TeachMeets which popped up everywhere in the U.K. Maybe for the Bremen/Hannover/Hamburg area?

Photo credits: Butterfly, Palisades Interstate Park, NJ.
(c) Sabine Rauchmann, September 2011.

More information – to read
thewikiman: Thinking of submitting a paper for the New Professionals Conference? Here’s some unofficial advice, 6th April 2011.


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