cpd23: Thing 16 – Advocacy

Thing 16 talks about advocacy for libraries outside of the library world. Expanding the lobby group for libraries is a challenge in Germany as well.

CILIP as well as ALA provide a wide range of advocacy materials and resources, i.e. the Campaigning Toolkit. In the last few years, advocacy for libraries in Germany received an increasing emphasis by librarians’ professional associations in Germany. Projects and activities include (amongst others):

Consider why it’s important to advocate for the section of library and information sector that you work for or want to work in.
Show and actively promote the competences that libraries’ staff offers beyond the print and electronic collections as well as working spaces.

What advocacy have you been involved?
Open Day to mark the library’s 350 anniversary (Tag der offenen Tür 2010). The library is planning a “Recherchetag” (search day) with various short and long presentations on plagiarism, electronic books, RefWorks etc. this year.
At my location, I am taking part in faculty meetings as well as student workshops.

Photo credit: Statue of Liberty, New York City.
(c) Sabine Rauchmann, September 2011.

Think more about: If you haven’t been involved in advocacy, reflect on what your skills are (or which you want to develop), what you’re most passionate about and think about what you might be able to do.


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