cpd23: Thing 23 – Reflection & what next?

The final thing: Thing 23!

Reflecting on the programme
I’ve never done a professional development programme entirely online before. I liked about cpd23: doing it in my own time and at my own pace, reading the concise introductory posts and browsing through the participants blogs, getting to know a few selected tools of the web 2.0, the concrete examples for applying these tools for personal (professional) continuing development activities and planning. Challenges have been finding the time to explore each Thing thouroughly, facing to engage more deeply with Things for which I could not see a practical application at the first glance or just playing around. However, while taking part in this course, my radar for all things mentioned has been very sensitive so I discovered some things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise (i.e. infographics, Wordle, Doodle). I have missed the mentioning of learning tools, i.e. for mindmapping and memorizing, like Webspiration and Mindpicnic.de). All in all, I have found it a valuable experience.
In 6 words: Explore, communicate, select, reflect, apply, teach.

What’s next
The challenge for me will be to actually transfer some of the new tools into my daily working and private life. What the cpd23 programme has really drummed into me is the value of reflective practice, something I plan to do on a regular basis from now on. Putting together a comprehensive SWOT analysis (thanks to Laura Wilkinson for mentioning the tool) as well as tailoring my professional development plan and portfolio will supplement my to-do-list for 2012.
The next step: Passing on some of the things and tools learned to students and staff in the context of my library’s Research Day.

Photo: B├╝rgerpark, Bremen, November 2011. (c) Sabine Rauchmann