Rudai 23 / Thing 2: How and why I became a librarian

Thing 2: Writing Your First Blog Post – some thoughts:

Why I became a librarian?

I just love to sit in the library – its quiet and studious atmosphere, the shelves filled with books, people learning and searching for answers.

Even as a child, I was a very frequent library user. I went to the local branch of the public library by bike. On the shelves, had a free selection in the children book section and the audio dramas. At home, I read the books or listened to the drama in bed. And in the summer time, I lay on the gras in the garden surrounded by the rustling of leaves from the trees.

How I became a librarian?

After school, I chose to study librarianship at the University of Applied Sciences, It provided me with a clear direction of the field of occupation and a picture of the future work place. However, I liked reading about new findings as well as academic research and writing. I was also very interested in the area of user instruction and information literacy. While working in a university library, I started and finished my dissertation. Being a librarian and an academic library user enabled me to develop a very user-centered view on operating processes in the background as well as library services for the user. In addition, my master degree helped me to gain a deeper understanding and taking a view from the business perspective on library operations.

I have also been thinking about role models who inspired my choice of occupation. Over the course of time, I met colleagues that I found inspiring in their approaches, attitudes and ideas. I also met a few librarians who assumed the role of a mentor or as peer counsellor both within and outside the library profession.

What I love about my job?

My favourite part about being a librarian is making sure the library collection provides the needed information as well as helping users find what they are looking for – books, articles, data – and enabling them to use effective strategies for their future searches.

I have been working in libraries for more than 10 years. The aspects that keep the job interesting are: the interaction with the user, the continious advancement of metadata and fulltext availability and access, the exchange with colleagues and other libraries, the changing needs of our users – and in general the diversity of tasks (just check out the post “What librarians do” by Voices for the Library – many of the aspects also apply to academic libraries) and the flexibility of the daily routine.


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